About Jerome Eberle

A book reviewer, literary editor, and publishing professional, Jerome Eberle continues to utilize his expertise throughout the industry. In his most recent position, he worked with Booklist magazine as an Editorial Assistant. A publication of the American Library Association, Booklist magazine has gained recognition as one of the preeminent magazines for booksellers and libraries throughout the United States. Throughout his time with Booklist magazine, Jerome Eberle worked for the Adult Books section’s editor. Responsible for preparing and reviewing much of the initial content, he edited copy for the magazine using The Chicago Manual of Style for reference. He also worked to help editors with special projects, database upkeep, and conference preparation and execution. Additionally, Jerome Eberle often remained in contact with numerous writers, ensuring appropriate content, deadline awareness, and logistical accuracy.

A seasoned reviewer, Jerome Eberle has worked on a range of adult books and varied content pieces. His review work includes a piece published on the ReadingGroupGuide website that discussed The Abstinence Teacher, a novel by Tom Perrotta. Prior to joining the staff at Booklist, Jerome Eberle acted as a Member and Customer Service Associate with the American Library Association. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at North Park University, graduating summa cum laude; he later pursued further studies at The University of Chicago, earning his Editing Certificate in 2008.


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