Friends of the Chicago River Joins Community River Planning Project

An experienced member of the publishing industry, Jerome Eberle spent a number of years as a publishing assistant with the American Library Association’s Booklist magazine. Jerome Eberle has also supported his community by volunteering with Friends of the Chicago River, which strives to improve the condition of the Chicago River so people and wildlife can enjoy the space.

In a recent press release, Friends of the Chicago River announced a partnership with community stakeholders, the City of Chicago, topical experts, and the Metropolitan Planning Council on a strategic planning project. The project will investigate all of the city’s waterways and work to generate a coordinated waterway improvement plan.

During the 15-month planning process, Friends of the Chicago River and the other facilitators will encourage business owners and residents to envision a future for the city’s Calumet, Des Plaines, and Chicago Rivers and riverfronts. Community members will be encouraged to share their opinions related to Chicago’s 100 miles of riverfront through various surveys and forums. The project will look for suggestions on a wide range of economic and environmental matters, including dining options, shipping, and water quality.

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