Friends of the Chicago River Joins Community River Planning Project

An experienced member of the publishing industry, Jerome Eberle spent a number of years as a publishing assistant with the American Library Association’s Booklist magazine. Jerome Eberle has also supported his community by volunteering with Friends of the Chicago River, which strives to improve the condition of the Chicago River so people and wildlife can enjoy the space.

In a recent press release, Friends of the Chicago River announced a partnership with community stakeholders, the City of Chicago, topical experts, and the Metropolitan Planning Council on a strategic planning project. The project will investigate all of the city’s waterways and work to generate a coordinated waterway improvement plan.

During the 15-month planning process, Friends of the Chicago River and the other facilitators will encourage business owners and residents to envision a future for the city’s Calumet, Des Plaines, and Chicago Rivers and riverfronts. Community members will be encouraged to share their opinions related to Chicago’s 100 miles of riverfront through various surveys and forums. The project will look for suggestions on a wide range of economic and environmental matters, including dining options, shipping, and water quality.


American Library Association Sponsors 2015 Midwinter Meeting

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Jerome Eberle works as the editorial coordinator for the American Academy of Periodontology. In this capacity, he works closely with the editorial coordinator within the publications and marketing department. Prior to joining the American Academy of Periodontology, Jerome Eberle was an editorial assistant to the adult books editor of Booklist Magazine. This publication is a twice-monthly journal of book reviews produced by the American Library Association (ALA).

As the oldest and largest library association in the world, the ALA was started in 1876. It provides leadership for the promotion, development, and improvement of library and information services. The organization offers support through events, publications, news, and advocacy resources.

One of the events hosted by the ALA is the Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits. The 2015 event, which was held January 30 through February 3 in Chicago, Illinois, featured speakers including actors Jason Segel and LeVar Burton, cartoonist Jeff Smith, and author Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Attendees also took part in networking opportunities, visiting exhibits, and participating in discussion groups.

Tips for Writing an Effective Book Review

Between 2005 and 2010, Jerome Eberle served the American Library Association as a publishing assistant. In addition to his other professional pursuits, Jerome Eberle continues to serve the American Library Association as a book reviewer.

There are a few guidelines most writers follow when authoring a book review. All book reviews should feature a short synopsis of the story that helps readers get an idea of the book’s content while revealing as few specific plot points as possible. Reviewers should supplement their general summary with a more comprehensive analysis of thematic aspects and character development. Again, reviewers should refrain from writing too many details about character motivations and other information that might spoil the book for readers.

A book review should also comment on the author’s style, including comments on the use of imagery and approach to pacing. Comparing the author’s style to similar writers can be helpful for readers who are unsure if they will enjoy the book or not. Finally, the reviewer should include his or her personal reaction to the book. If the reviewer maintains a balance between technical evaluation and individual opinion, readers can get a good sense of whether or not the book is worth their time.