Jerome Eberle on the Editing Process

While the editing process is different at each publishing house, there are essentially three steps that are followed by most.

The first is typically the macro edit, during which the editor will give general notes to the author about the content and expect the author to use those to edit his or her manuscript.

Second is the line edit, during which the editor goes through content line by line, highlighting inconsistencies and anything else that may need changing. This is also when the editor must help the author align his or her writing to fit the house style guidelines.

Lastly, there is the copy edit, during which typos, spelling, and punctuation are corrected, and facts and permissions are verified.

As Editorial Coordinator in the publications and marketing departments of the American Academy of Periodontology, Jerome Eberle provides editorial support. He received his degree in English literature in 2000 and his certificate in editing in 2008.

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